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Sly here or Ian which is my real first name. I love to write and do all kinds of it. I write poems, stories, opinion columns, and started to get into analyzing and breaking down things that I have watched; such as a football game, television episode or movie. Strange however is the fact that I am not really a book reader nor have I read a bunch, at least by my choice. I have read a few ones that I have found are good but mainly my attention span is small so it makes it hard to read, A.D.D. makes it hard. I am trying to read Stephen King’s Under the Dome.

I made this page because I wanted to create a page that covered many different topics that I have a point of view/opinion on. I usually doodle in notebooks on many subjects from football, music, movies, life and other things. I wanted an outlet for how I see things and how I look at things and hope that it can give some insight and make people think. The first time I noticed I enjoyed doing things like this is back when I was a young kid and wrote for my own e-fed (e-mail wrestling federation). That made me find “my calling” but for years I put it aside and now I am trying to get back to what I love to do, write.

This page, as long as it is up and running, will be dedicated to my parents. Rest in peace, miss and love you both. The name of this blog is actually in honor of my dad who thought of my first AOL screen name and what he type is sssliver, which was cut down to ssli (and a bunch of numbers) Sliver was one of my favorite Nirvana songs, a band I was really into at the time.

“Give sorrow words. The grief that does not speak Whispers the o’re-fraught heart, and bids it break.”
William Shakespeare The Tragedy of Macbeth, IV, iii

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  1. Hey Sly / Ian would you like to work on a Patriots Outlook blog together?
    Here are a few things I’d like to mention.

    The O-Line: Solder was an amazing uner-the-radar player last year who showed incredible maturity and versatility at the position. I’m still concerned with the O Line this year. Mankins coming off of a bad injury and “Sea-Bass” Vollmer’s back has suffered from the elusive back thing that kept him out last season.. Add to the mix, the retirement of Light who had Brady’s blind spot for ages and Koppen being cut…as a fan I am a little concerned. Brady is essentially( and self professed) water buffalo in the pocket who can’t run or scramble to save his life. Last season he had ridiculous amounts to time to throw. “Oh let’s see…Welker…hmmmm, no, Gronk…mayyybeee, oh there’s Hernandez, but I haven’t hit Branch in awhile…” Which brings me to. Speaking of Gronk, the big boy will have to be that much more of a blocker this season.

    The QB situation: Brady is older and wiser, but perhaps slower and more cautious…as his career begins to wind down ( and I DO hope it’s just a beginning) what can we expect from the sure fire Hall of Famer? I saw him in preseason with the first squad against TB and he didn’t look particularly sharp. He seems more vulnerable than ever to pass rush. The bright spot is Ryan Mallet who did a complete turnaround from his lackluster rookie year. What an arm on this former Razorback. A tip of the hat to the departing Brian Hoyer who has been a loyal and stedfast backup for years. I hope he gets picked up somewhere…in the NFC.

    Receiving Corps: I like what Hoody did here. Collect several good WRs and make them slug it out. If solid vets like Branch and Stallworth got cut, then I imagine those remaining will be great. Looking forward to see how Brady and Lloyd pan out. Welker will (hopefully) once again be the slot machine. Last year’s discouraging Super Bowl drop is a monkey he will be looking to get off his back.

    The D: Last season we needed The Brady Bunch to put up 30 plus points every game, because the D was giving up almost as many, even to lackluster opposing offenses. For once we traded up in the draft and picked up some explosive pass rushers in Jones and Hightower.I would have liked Andre Carter to be resigned, but last time I checked, Mr Kraft and Mr Bellichick weren’t calling me for consulations. The secondary is still iffy at best. McCourty who was a rookie of the year nominee in his first season was flat and unimpressive in his second. He was used to return punts in preseason against the Bucs. I had read that he might be moving from CB to safety. Let’s see if Ras I Dowling can actually stay healthy for more than 3 quarters of football this year. I think with Spikes, Chung, Deaderick, Wilfork and new comers Hightower and Jones we will be moving on up from 31st ranked D last year to hopefully the 20s this season.

    The Rush:
    It’s a pity Demps is on IR. Hopefully we will see his explosive silver medal speed later in the season. Stevan Ridley looked fantastic during the pre season. Another tip of the hat to BJGE…The law firm never put up big numbers ( only one season with the Pats just over 1000 yards), but he NEVER dropped. Good luck in Cincy Benny

    • Hey man, nicely written. I am not ignoring you and I am interested in doing that blog but right now I am on a bit of a hiatus for personal issues. Hopefully I will be back to writing on my blog and even making some enhancements to it as well real soon.

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