NFL Quarterbacks on the hot seat

Tony Romo (en) at a Dallas Cowboys (en) preseason.

Tony Romo (en) at a Dallas Cowboys (en) preseason. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well the football season is almost upon us and I think it’s time to judge a book by its cover and put out theories of what quarterbacks are on the hot seat, in my opinion, and need to step it up without seeing anything yet.

Dallas CowboysTony Romo
He has been surrounded with some talented players but has yet to lead them to the Super Bowl. At first, it was blamed on the lack of experience, then it was the locker room, and now it is that he cannot play well when it counts. Romo is running out of excuses and while he is a better quarterback option than what other teams put on the field. So now, they still have Jason Witten, Miles Austin, the emerging Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray who came out of nowhere last season. Romo has to earn his paycheck and get them a ring. You can blame whatever, players, locker room, the division he is in, lack of a 3rd WR, golf, Jessica Simpson, Satan but truth is that has not stopped Eli Manning and the New York Giants. Maybe the Cowboys brought in Kyle Orton to compete with Romo but he is just an upgrade from Kitna but with Orton on the roster, it could give the Cowboys confidence to bench Romo if he has a few bad games in a row. Even with a weird voice telling me to predict that, Tony will be benched at some point this season I predict he will be the starter for the Cowboys.

Houston Texans- Matt Schaub
Matt has played well for the Texans but T.J. Yates did play well and the Texans could have a decision to make if they go back to playing sub .500 football. Yates would benefit from sitting back and learning for the next year or so because who knows what he can bring in a full season and how high his ceiling is. Matt Schaub is the clear starter next season I do believe but like I said, I do not see the coach or GM or Owner accepting a .500 or less season because winning is everything. I predict that Matt Schaub will be the starter until an injury forces the Texans to play Yates. Predicting this seems unfair because it is like predicting the ending to a movie after seeing it for the fourth time.

Kansas City Chiefs- Matt Cassel
Matt Cassel has to prove that he is not just a back up who benefited from a good system in 2008 when Tom Brady went down back when he was in New England. He has some talent around him now and only he is in his way. They do not have many other options at quarterback but if Cassel does not play well they will have to see what someone else can do. With Todd Haley gone Matt has to prove himself to the new coach and earn back his starting quarterback status. I predict that Cassel will finish the season as the starter because the Chiefs do not have many other better options.

Buffalo Bills– Ryan Fitzpatrick
Ryan has played well at the beginning of last season but really trailed off. Some could be blamed on the injuries, especially to Fred Jackson but with the losing record that the Bills have had I do not see them waiting for Ryan to straighten things out. I will be honest though the only reason he made my list is because one. They are the Bills and the coach has immense pressure on him since they have such a losing history lately and two. The Bills signed former first round pick quarterback Vince Young. The Bills were so happy he played well last season that they paid him as if he is the second coming of Jim Kelly. So tells me that they are desperate and should be but I do not think Ryan is the answer, neither is Young but Vince will benefit from a team that is still searching for an answer. I predict that Vince Young will see some time as the starter for the Bills this season.

New York Jets- Mark Sanchez
This just seems like a “duh” to me, like me asking out Jessica Biel, we all know what is going to happen. However, it is still worth mentioning because Mark did this to himself. The locker room is divided and the leaders need to step in but Mark does not seem to be the one. Already Tim Tebow, whom the Jets acquired via trade with the Denver Broncos, made an impact as a leader and even played better than Mark in the games they faced each other. Rex Ryan is a good coach and he is on the hot seat I believe so he will not let Mark continue to not develop. If he does not see Sanchez getting better, he will give Tim Tebow a chance because he is not with the Jets to make friends, he is there to win and give his team the best chance to do so. Sanchez needs to starting developing and showing that he can be better than he was. I predict that Mark Sanchez will remain the starter for the whole season, unless injured. Although, a debate could start when the Jets go on a cold streak.

Worth mentioning? Cleveland Browns- Colt McCoy. He does not have much talent around him so is it his fault? However, Brandon Weeden is already taking first team snaps so McCoy might not be on the hot seat after all, because he is not the starter anymore.

Why no Alex Smith? Well because I do believe that if he does well the 49ers will be happy but they will not be surprised if he does not. Alex was the best option they had since he did so well in Harbaugh’s new system and if he continues to develop it is a bonus, if not is anyone surprised? I, for one, am hoping that he does well again this season.

Overall- Tony Romo has the most to prove out of all of these quarterbacks, with Mark Sanchez in second. The Dallas Cowboys have a storied history and Jerry Jones wants to win so with those combined make Tony the one with the most pressure on him.


2 thoughts on “NFL Quarterbacks on the hot seat

  1. Great piece as usual Sly… Yet it seems to me there is some Pats news you could be reporting on. Maybe you and I can compose a piece about the annual delusions of the Jets players, fans and especially that fat coach of theirs.

    Tony Romo- Inconsistency thy name is “Tony”. I am bitter because last season in my football pool I was poised to win two weeks in a row and it all came down to The Dallas Cowpies. The first week I had Dallas to win and Tony blew it in spectacular fashion. The second week I had the Cowgirls to lose and Romo won with last second heroics. I have never been a Dallas fan. To me they are the NY Yankees of football. Love or Hate…no middle ground. Jerry Jones is the polar opposite of what I like to see in an owner. The quintessential Monday morning QB. Still, I have to give him props as a business man,,,Dallas could go 1-15 and that team would still make money.
    If it were up to me, I;d trade Tony for a high draft pick ( someone’s gotta be that stupid or desperate) and groom Kitna who is a brusier, not injury prone and very consistant.

    Fitzpatrick fell apart the second he inked a big contract. I don;’t know what to say. I have always had a begrudging respect for the Bills desptire their being AFC East rivals. They started out red hot and simply fell apart.

    Mark Sanchez hahahahahahaha Football 101. Don;t trade up to draft a game manager, which is what Mark Sanchez has been. Sanchez has been babied throughout his tenture with the Jersey Jets. LT said so on Inside the NFL and other team mates have siad the same. Maybe by signing Timmy Jesus Boy Tea Bag they will have lit a fire under Sanchez’s butt. I honestly don’t think he has that much talent and the Jets have had an identity crisis. What is it guys? Ground and Pound D? Elitie Rushing O? I hate the Jets, hate their fans ( such a bunch of fair weathered, way too loud clowns who haven’t won squat in nearly half a century.) That said, I hope they pull off another 8-8 season so Fat Boy Wrecks can keep his job and give me someone to despise in the league. While we are on the subject, can someone please explain why the Jests seem to get so much press with an 8-8 season and half assed prospects for this year? I also feel TeaBag would be better suited as a TE. He can run but he cant throw to save his life.

  2. Thanks and I always like your replies. Yeah, I’ve been falling behind with the news. I’ve been going back and forth on my opinion of Romo, for a while after last season I thought “Tony Romo will not finish this upcoming season a starter.” I’m just not a fan of him.

    Yes, I agree the Jets would be better if they decided on a direction. Rex thought that Mark was going to be a good QB so he went after good WR’s but then realized that Mark sucks and so they are just too confused now. If they can’t decide who is better at QB for them Mark or Tim, that just tells me all that I need to know about them.

    If you want to team up with something, let me know… maybe we can work something out.

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