Can Tim Tebow fix the New York Jets’ locker room?

Tim Tebow, a player on the Denver Broncos Amer...

Tim Tebow, a player on the Denver Broncos American football team. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All of last season it was one of the constant things that you heard. Back and forth from the Jets’ players and them talking trash about opponents and even other teammates. Whether it was Holmes quitting on the team, Sanchez calling his team gutless, Holmes calling out Sanchez and the OL and it was just an NFL soap opera. I mean if Mark Sanchez ended up being related to Rex Ryan it would have been soap opera gold, goodbye HBO hello CBS. Therefore, you have to wonder what the Jets’ angle with Tebow was. Competition for Sanchez? Converting to a hybrid type of player? An attempt to fix and weed out the poison in the locker room? I am leaning towards all of the above because by nature, we humans are creatures of habit and we often mimic each other. Good deeds, good people, habits, personalities and other things can leak out on each other and with the Jets; it was in the negative side of the tracks the last few years. Trading for Tim Tebow will help alter that path, change that state in the locker room and I think provide a real role model and potential true leader of the locker room.

Antonio Cromartie and other Jets can say whatever they want on this subject but the fact is they brought this upon themselves by not being a team. The negative attitudes and egos in that locker room have also changed the path of Mark Sanchez and the path he was once on. From here on out who knows what he will turn into but it will be a product of that locker room and atmosphere. Ladainian Tomlinson walked away from the Jets saying it was the worst locker room he had been in, and I think LT did attempt to change the ways of the room but the dark “aura” that surrounds the team is overwhelming.

Whatever flaws Tebow has as a QB I think the biggest impact he will have on this team is off the field. However, LT had the same heart of gold and he could not change a thing. I think maybe it is time for Rex Ryan to step in and change this culture just as Belichick did with Adalius Thomas, Shawn Springs and the other negative influences they had. I give Rex Ryan credit in that situation as well, believe it or not, because he did not sign “AD” after the Patriots released him, even though he had a past with him. Rex I think identified that even though Thomas might have had some talent at one point, his negative influence on the locker room would not be worth it.

Bringing in Tebow will also be a football move, obviously, and Tony Sporano new Jets Offensive Coordinator, will figure out how to use Tebow whether it be as a QB, HB, FB, TE or WR or all of them. It will put some pressure on both Sanchez and Tebow, which could make them play better. As of right now I believe Mark Sanchez is the starter and it would take a lot for Tebow to take over but the fact that the Jets could has the potential to push Mark to play up to his potential and be a better QB. Mark Brunell did a good job as a back up QB but I do not think that Sanchez ever thought that Brunell was ever going to be a threat to take over his job so never felt the need to improve. His ego simply told him that he was the best QB on the team, which he was, but he owed it to the team to improve and be the guy and compete with the other young QB’s for the title of the next elite QB and he did not. Will this signing make the Jets a super bowl contender? No, I do not think it does but it could make them better then last year but they need more positive influences in that locker room to help guide Sanchez and other young players in the right direction.

It would benefit Tebow if he played some other positions and shows that he can be a team player and not so stubborn. He has said in the past that he wanted to be a QB but he would really benefit from changing that stance. He can still come out and say, “I still see myself as a QB but right now I’m doing what is best for the team and winning games.” If he can somehow master the hybrid position, I think he could really change the league in the future. Players like him, Brad Smith, Aaron Hernandez and some others will not be limited to just one position but could move around and not be seen as odd or a trick play but a smart play by a versatile athlete and a smart coach. Is Tim Tebow ever going to be an NFL QB? I don’t think so, at least not the level of Peyton Manning or Tom Brady but maybe he could be a game manager and end up leading a team to the super bowl but he REALLY needs to work on reading defenses, accuracy and playing from the pocket. If he does not then he will end up just a bust, which I think he is not. He would be a better HB/FB or TE then a QB and if a team wants to throw in a wildcat play or an option play with him then that would be smart. The Jets could also benefit from picking up a real speedy running back to play behind Shonn Greene in those situations.

I am a Patriots fan all the way and I love that the Jets did not win the division last season but I also like a competitive division. I think Rex Ryan is a good coach and the players are doing an injustice to him by being so egotistical and selfish. The Trail Blazers players got a good coach fired and it was their own fault and the Jets can make a stand to be better players, better people and be more positive. With that being said, I hope they do not ever win a Super Bowl, ha, just kidding. If they do then good for them and hopefully, it means that all of the heads in the locker room are on straight. Bottomline is I do not think that Tim Tebow will fix the New York Jets‘ locker room on his own but the TRUE leaders of the team need to STEP UP and make the others listen and start a positive culture on this team because Rex Ryan is a good coach and deserves better.

**cough** Go Pats!! **cough**


5 thoughts on “Can Tim Tebow fix the New York Jets’ locker room?

  1. A friend of mine turned me on to your blog and from what I read I like your style. Your being a fellow Pats fan doesn’t hurt either. I planned to review some of your pieces and enter my .02.

    As for Jesus Boy and the Jets…I am a New England transplant living in NYC. I despise the Jets, and really take no issue with the Giants, save for their eating our lunch in the Super Bowl…Twice. I am old enough to remember the pre Kraft days when the Pats were a bad NFL joke, and many in the NE area were Giants fans by default. Two of my step sisters even had a Giants Party during our last defeat at their hands in Feb. To me the Giants and their fans are much more of a class act than the Jets and their fans. This is, of course, a sweeping generalization…but I live here and I see it. The Giants fans have a more loyal base. The Jet fans are the most fair weathered I have ever seen. For years now everytime the Jets put two or three wins in a row together they start screaming Super Bowl and talking too loud while saying too little. Fat Boy Wrecks and Fireman Ed have redoubled my hatred of Gang Green. In the interest of keeping it real and not just being a hater, I will say that Fat Boy has talent as a defensive coordinator and he obviously loves his boysdefensive coordinator and he obviously loves his boys, whether it’s the Jets today or the Ravens

  2. Sorry, got side tracked. The long and short of it breaks down to a couple factors.

    1. The Jets locker room was a bush league clown car at the end of this season. ANY GM would have told the team to shut their mouths, stop pointing fingers, stop tweeting etc. It was laughable and the Pats fans were laughing the hardest after all of Fat Boys Super Bowl guarantees.
    2. Sanchez: A mediocre and over paid QB. Not entirely his fault as according to Tomlinson he has been babied. His O Line wasn’t doing him any favors this past season. A team shouldn’t trade up to get a game manager, and that’s what Sanchez is and has been.
    3. Tebow: I think he has great athleticism, but I don’t see him being a good or great QB. He is built and has the skill set of a big and fast TE like Gronk or Jeremy Shockey of old. Maybe he will light a fire under Marky Mark and the Loser Bunch’s butts, and he was certainly exciting this past season. On a side note I think the Broncos may have made a mistake with Manning. Too much money and too long of a contract, plus he is well into the wrong side of thirty years old and coming off of 4 plus neck surgeries.

    • Well thank you. I welcome the .02 on any of my pieces. I agree with your three points, especially number 3. I am surprised that the Broncos paid Manning that much and also got rid of Tebow especially since they saw what happened to the Colts and Colts management when Manning went down. They need to draft someone for the future sooner rather than later. Tebow had one chance to learn how to throw and it was from Manning, he’s not going to learn on the Jets.

      I know that during the pre-Kraft years for me I was a Cowboys fan, Giants were also one of my favorites at the time. The Jets to me always seemed like the little brother in NY and the best chance they had at winning was when Parcells ran the show and even then they couldn’t land a franchise QB, still can’t. I can see why Belichick bailed on them.

      • I have been hearing this a lot. Thing is, I don’t think what Manning does can be taught to Tim or anyone. Did you notice how the Colts had no back up plan after Manning went down? The Pats pulled out a perfectly respectable 11-5 without Tommy…It’s called being a team and multi dimensional. As we both know, QB is a cerebral position…you cant teach poise, control, keeoping your cool…and as for accuracy and pass judgement…one can only learn so much..the rest is instinctive I think

      • Agreed. However the Broncos have put themselves in the same position the Colts did. If Manning goes down then as of right now the only back up they have is Caleb Hanie. Tebow would have been a better back QB than Hanie.

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