What can EA sports do to Madden 13?

Madden NFL 11

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What is the difference between sport video games and other video games? Well, for one, the one that is relevant to my point, is that they usually do not come out annually. This is why, I think, some sport games are mediocre but yet we still all buy them in hopes that it will be better than the earlier version. Most of the time some things do improve but in the end the complaints always outweigh the satisfied. Being a fan of the Madden NFL franchise and NBA2K I know this quite well, I however usually do not complain because after all it is a video game for me, just a way of entertainment and has nothing to do with my career or life path but yet I still had this idea that might, might just change the sport video game industry for a long time and thought I’d share it.

Now I know that I will be ignored and no one of import will actually read this but still I will write it. Okay, so to my idea before you all fall asleep or bash me for drawing this out. How about they stop putting out a new product every year. It seems to me that when the game comes out they spend the next 2 months, probably tops, fixing this addition but then a department from the creators has already started penning ideas for next year… moving on from the one that is still new on the shelves. I think that is the problem and will go on for some time until they have this epiphany. You want a quality game like say Batman Arkham Asylum or something like that? Then the companies, EA, 2K Sports, whoever should do this… spend a few years… improving on the earlier version. Instead of Madden NFL 13, skip over it and spend more time on 14 and I believe that if they do it that way they will have time to discuss key issues and put out a great video game. NBA2K11 was a unique situation but still had its flaws.

EA has already thought of this idea and maybe don’t know it, with NBA Elite and I think it could be a great idea because putting out a new product every single year makes it hard to discuss issues and still have it out on time. I think that if they put as much into Madden 12 as they wanted to we wouldn’t have even seen it until maybe October but they had to rush it so it could hit the shelves by the start of Week 1. So with my idea what happens with Madden 12 next season? Well they simply update the rosters and make minor improvements on the game with roster updates and patches and then can put out a great product with Madden 14 or whatever they want to call it. I came to this idea because I figured that most of the issues that were noticed in Madden 11 and 12 will probably be addressed in 13. Look at how long it took them to update, change and even make improvement to Franchise Mode and Superstar Mode, so with that said how many of you would want them skip over 13 and just focus on a very much improved 14? I would think with almost two years of time to spend on it, they’d make it the best Madden game ever made. Who knows what kind of game they could put out when given such time to work on it. This years Madden is definitely better than the last but still has its fair share of problems.

In some cases it seems to rain a lot, LB’s make better catches than WR’s, no matter what logic CPU computers use it’s still easy to build a better team than them, DL players when you’re them anyway seem to fall easily, and so I have a few add-on suggestions to them. I will admit that the logic has definitely improved versus the earlier years but still has a little ways to go.

Players should have an option for a second position, add more logos to making a created team… even current team logos and old logos, if a player has a potential of D or F and has a lower rating than 40 they should be automatically cut, players should not be eliminated from the game during roster updates. Also on created teams you should have more options for colors, uniforms, and like I mentioned more logos.

Just some ideas from a player, I do firmly believe however that coming out with a Madden game every other year would improve the game, like I said, because they’d have more time to make a better product overall and be able to update all the modes they want instead of just improving a few and then working on others in the next years. If not then maybe just delaying it once and working for an extra year will get things started.You look at what I think made the NBA 2K series get over the hump and become a great game to play is that they improved the offline gameplay and modes and then some of the other holes didn’t show up so much. Does it still have problems? Yes, but did you see the grade IGN.com gave NBA 2k11? NBA 2k12? That’s the potential Madden has if it just improves the gameplay. They made some REAL good first steps with this past Madden but understand that it may be until the release of Madden 13 that we see what they were really trying to do, so again my point, why not delay it? I know, crazy, but so many other players on boards have said that they won’t be playing Madden anymore.

I give Madden NFL 12 a solid 7.5 out of 10. but what will Madden 13 be? Can Madden NFL be a 9? I think so. Some of the mentioned issues have been fixed in a patch but it still has some annoying holes. One of them being that most of the players must spend some time adjusting the sliders so that the game is playable for them and you can get realistic stats on both offense and defense. Franchise Mode, for all the improvements it has opened up some new problems and pointed out a fact, to me anyway. The new problem is the free agency bid system, it was a nice idea but it’s not working really. Important though, for those who do not know, you can view the free agents before you even begin bidding in Player Management. I have found out though that Franchise Mode is not supposed to be played, but simmed. I enjoy playing the games, however it is time-consuming but fun but with the slider issues it becomes annoying. I think Madden has a chance to be a 9 but it has ways to go.


2 thoughts on “What can EA sports do to Madden 13?

  1. Cool post. I’ve agreed with this for sometime. I’ve always thought people should pay something like $100 to $150 for a single game. Madden Football. Every year they update rosters and maybe update home screens etc and charge maybe charge $30 or $40. I believe sport games shouldn’t need to update their gameplay before each season. Just like games like Halo or other RPGs they update practically whenever they want. They should update their rosters around the usual drop date and update gameplay whenever. I like your idea too. Spending more time on each game would increase the quality from game to game. But I’m just like you, I will buy it either way lol

    • Thanks, yeah I’ll buy the next one lol, and spend most of the time editing the sliders, coaches schemes and basically doing things EA should be doing. I have come up with some new ideas so I might update this post soon.

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